Tim Johnson. Designer. Fabricator. 

 Tim Johnson has been a resident artist in Los Angeles since 1996. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, he attended the University of Kansas and received a BFA in Design in 1994, with a self-built minor in film production. Upon arrival to Los Angeles, he immediately found himself working in the film and television production world. His work as a motion picture camera technician and operator led to his involvement in set building. An art directing career soon flourished.

  He spent 10 years in film and television before deciding to build his own business. Furniture was a relaxing segway from the fast paced film world, and many of his initial clients were friends from the industry. Since opening his first small shop Lounge Factor in Venice Beach in 2001, Tim's clients have consistently acquired his services as designer/builder by word of mouth. Although most projects are of a modern style request, Tim has had the opportunity to restore elements of historic landmark homes, and has the ability to match any period style. He has designed bars, restaurants, hotels, movie sets and retail spaces, and has been awarded the fabrication of those jobs. 

 When given free reign on a design project, Tim leans toward the style that is right for the space. If he builds what he wants, he loves to employ the art deco style because he believes that it is the most timeless and decadent way to decorate a space. With over 50 vendors to work with, and his art directing experience, he is able to fabricate anything under the sun with any material (plastic, metal, wood, glass, reclaimed materials, etc.)